All PH Customs items are made here in the United States with superior quality materials. We use a very high quality synthetic leather that wears very well. This material looks and feels much like leather. We chose synthetic leather for our products with customers in mind. This material is very low maintenance. However, to further extend the life of your item, treatment with a popular automotive material protectant is recommended. We feel that this is the best option for an item that will be subjected to the sun/wind. The thread and velcro that we use are very high quality as well, and made here in the US. We source as many of our materials from "made in the US" manufacturers as we can.

 Please note that most of the tank bibs we sell on ebay are pictured with an emblem on the lid of the pocket. Some of our listings include one and some don't. We used to include them in all listing prices, but we had so many customers not want one that we changed the way we list them and now they are an option that customers can add. Our listing photos come from customers showing their bib installed on their bike. The photos in our listings are meant to show the quality of our work and what the bib looks like installed. The bib you will receive will not have been previously installed, and will be made specifically for YOU, brand NEW.

If you would like to purchase a bib through ebay with an emblem you may do so! Just purchase the item and wait to pay, then message me letting me know which emblem you want. I'll add this to your order and send you a revised invoice through ebay. Emblems are an additional $6. 

These can be built to suit!! Totally customize your bib and the price you pay! Order through our website at the link below if you want different options than what are offered through our ebay listings. Ebay does not have the capability to allow us to sell these as totally customizable. Click HERE to build your item to suit!


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