Volume Discounts for Volume Readers! Volume Discounts for Volume Readers - Buy the BOOK

Special rates for book clubs

Whether you are in a book club or 
you go through books the way McDonald's goes through potatoes,
buythebookcv.com has a deal for you!

Buy at least 50 books over a year
and receive all purchases at 
my cost plus postage plus 10%

They can be all the same title or all different titles, paperbacks or hardcovers. 

You can order them all at once or over the year as long as the first order is at least 10.  

The more you group them together, the lower the shipping cost.

Your year begins when I mail out your first books.

One listing with a set of three books counts as three.

They DO NOT have to be in my listed inventory.

They DO have to be in print or a coming release. 

You can go in with your friends, but there has to be only one mailing address.

Signed, special edition, and some out of print books are not included. If in doubt, ask.

Contact me with any questions: cassandra@buythebookcv.com



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