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Why buy from DollyKamCo-Vintage Snowmobile Collectibles?

  • We want you to be happy with your purchase.
  • We do all we can to clean up and make our vintage and classic items presentable to you.
  • We find the usual 'pilling' and 'fuzzies' you find on polyester and knits to be undesirable.
  • If we are capable of making minor repairs such as stitching or patching, we take the time to do it.
  • We will give our garments a 'sponge bath' if needed to clean up lighter surface soiling.
  • If a garment has undesirable odors or excessive soiling we will give them a gentle laundering.
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  • We mainly ship using USPS Priority Mail. Insured
  • We can ship World Wide to countries allowed by the U.S. Postal Service. 


At DollyKamCo we love vintage and classic snowmobiles and the vintage and classic snowmobiling winter fashions.

We started off in 2008 buying vintage snowmobile parts and accessories we needed. This expanded to getting a few vintage snowmobile suits, gloves, jackets, snow pants, boots, caps, scarves, balclavas, sweaters, helmets and literature to match the snowmobiles we have from the 1970's and early 1980's. Then it became a hobby and then a business in 2009 to buy and resell both vintage and classic snowmobiling items, and of course a few other items now and then.

The majority of the items we have in our collection are from auctions and private parties purchased between 2008 and 2016. When making purchases from a private party you can be selective because you can actually see it and inspect it. When buying from online auctions it is more difficult to get an accurate indication of the condition of an item. You can see the Before and After shots as examples of what items look like when we get them and how you will get them. More will be added as time permits.

We will also sell items on online auctions. Our listings are a little bit longer than the average auction listing because there we also spend a little more time with our descriptions.

The collector of vintage snowmobile clothing is one of our main customer groups. Many collectors do not want vintage items laundered. In most cases I will not launder an item unless there is really a need. In most cases I will just give an item a sponge bath with a cotton cloth or micro fiber cloth and plain water, a weak water and vinegar solution, or a weak water and detergent mixture depending on the severity of the soiling. Many countries will not allow unlaundered clothing to be imported.

While we have a variety of different brands of vintage snowmobile items, the majority of our inventory is Arctic Cat simply because that is the brand of most of our sleds. Because of this we are a little more knowledgeable about the Arctic Cat brand items and history versus other brands. What we currently have in our store is a small example of our total inventory that is yet to be added.

Our prices may be a little higher than what you will find in your average online auction. The time and effort we put into our items to make them more desirable and presentable to you is the reason why. We hope you enjoy viewing our items and your purchases and that you will spread the word.


Search our other categories for more vintage name brand and private label snowmobile items and winter fashions. We will be adding more items all the time so please bookmark us and check back often!
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