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Are you long in body and short in legs? This unique one piece vintage snowmobile suit may be for you if you have a hard time finding the suit that fits you. This snowmobiling suit by Pacific Pants Co., of Montreal, Canada is one that doesn't conform to standard sizing. I know there is that one special person out there who has been looking for a vintage, or any snowmobile suit for that matter, that fits them. I will try my best to describe it.

This particular suit is 57 inches in length from the base of the attached hood seam to the base of the legs. Generally it would be the length of a vintage men's small or woman's medium. The inseam is short, 24.5 inches. The body, from the base of the collar/hood seam to the crotch is 32.5 inches. The body measurements are similar to many men's medium to large, and women's large winter jackets I have. I am 140 lbs, slim build, 5' 6" tall and wear a medium, sometimes a large. I tried the suit on with a t-shirt, Old Navy sweatshirt, and a quilted, insulated hoodie on. The arm length and fit was comfortable, the body around the torso had plenty of room yet, the crotch hung way low and the legs down to the knees were roomy yet (wearing loose boot cut jeans). From the knees down it was snug and a little short. The inside circumference of the base of the legs measured approximately 13 inches. The calf area was snug. I measured my calf circumference, with loose fitting boot cut jeans on, and it was 15 inches.

My recommendation: Guy or gal, or youth who is 5' 4" or 5' 5" max., or shorter, who is full bodied but may have shorter legs would find this snowmobile suit a descent fit providing the bottom of the legs and cuff weren't too tight.

The suit:

Very good quality and construction, good quality nylon shell, and some old style insulation. The liner quilting is good. It is like an old quilted comforter. The ends of the arms have a faux leather trim, very fancy! There are nice heavy knit inner cuffs too to keep the cold and snow out.

The zippers all work and are good. The snaps all work and are good. The gaitors (foot straps) are in good condition and still stretchy.

Overall the suit is in very good shape with some minor issues. There are some small paint spots on the right leg about 4 inches from the crotch (pictured). It is wrinkly from being rolled up like a sleeping bag and stuffed tightly inside a box, just as I got it a few years ago. Many of the wrinkles have diminished from the suit being hung on a hanger for several days and it could get much better. I didn't find any snags or stains but it would be hard to detect due to the wrinkles, so I cannot say there aren't any fine snags or faint stains. Nothing that stands out. I don't see any holes, rips, or open seams. There's a little bunching in places of the lining that can be manually readjusted.

The suit has two front cargo pockets with snapped flap closures. There is one chest pocket with a snapped flap closure. There are two access zippers at the hips for accessing your pants pockets. They have large rings as pulls; easy to grab onto with your mitts on.

This suit has an attached hood with the same shell and quilting as the suit. It is zippered down the center so it can be laid flat across the back. There are snaps in the front on either side of the zipper and you can fold the hood down half way, and snap it to the two snaps on either side of the neck to create a high collar. The hood lace tie is in good shape yet.

The main front zipper is a two-way zipper and it goes from the top all the way to the bottom of the left leg, and opens completely. This would be a great advantage for someone who may have difficulty getting a suit on or who may have a handicap. It could be done by just sitting into it or while laying on the floor. The right leg zipper goes from the bottom of the leg to around the knee area. The zipper pull was missing so I had to put a make-shift pull on it. The zipper has a zip lock that prevents it from unzipping without the zipper pull against it in the up position so without a zipper pull it cannot be unzipped. When being used it should be tucked under the snapped flap at the base of the legs as in the pictures.

There is a vintage snowmobile patch on the right chest that says "Original Ski-Doo Snow Suit". It isn't of course, but it was described as a Ski-Doo suit when I bought it and there were no pictures of the label to disprove it. The style with the red stripes do remind you of some of the old Ski-Doo suits though.


Wear this great vintage snowmobile suit at the next Vintage ride, Snowmobile Swap Meet or Show with pride!

  Item# 534A

 Please use the measurements on the 'more details' page for a proper fit, comparing it with something similar you know fits well. Measurements are taken with the garment laying flat.




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