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 This is one of several items that came from a New England Gallery that procured numerous collections of early Fraternal Society Ceremonial items from Masonic Temples and Odd Fellows Lodges in New York, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania. Most of the items were from the late 1800s to early 1900s and depicted Clothing, Regalia and Armaments from the Medieval Renaissance and Crusades eras up to the American Civil War era. These items would have been manufactured by various companies that made Clothing, Regalia and Ceremonial weaponry for the hundreds of different Society organizations. Some items such as ceremonial swords and clothing were manufactured by the same companies that supplied weapons and gear for the civil war, such as the Ames Sword Company of Chelmsford, Massachusetts. All of the items in my collection were represented as being from Masonic Knights Templar temples or Independant Order of Odd Fellows Lodges. Upon doing extensive research I assume the later. These items are used and very old, and some wear is to be expected.

Great items for the Collector or for Masquerade or even Halloween!

This particular piece is a Ceremonial Robe labeled "2nd Mohammedan"  representing something that would have been worn perhaps by a prophet or commoner. It is made from a cotton material with a rubberized coating on the inside. It has a braided rope sewn to the back that would wrap around and be tied to secure it. It is in very good shape. I would estimate it as being from the early 1900s due to the styling and similarities in stitching and material of other items I have from that time period. The last three pictures are of other items I acquired along with this garment that are also listed for sale.

 This would be approximately a men's size medium to large since it is a wrap around. Measurements as follows, laying flat:

  • Top of shoulder/sleeve seam across the back to the opposite side- 19 inches

  • Base of the collar to the bottom hem- 41 inches 

I believe this garment was made by the C.E. Ward Company of New London Ohio. The Ward-Stilson Company was in business under that name from 1891 to 1905. Ed Stilson, C. E. Ward's brother in law, paid Ward for his share of the business in 1905 and went off to open his own business. Ward continued on as The C.E. Ward Company and operated it until his death in 1943. The business was then run by three sons in sequence, each after the death of the prior. The company was finally sold in 1968 to a company from New York.


The Chapeaux (hat, helmet), spear, and sword are being sold seperately and are not being sold with the robe. 

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