We now carry colored foil envelopes which make adding that special touch of foil to your candy bars SO much easier! See our EXPRESS ORDERING! page and click on "FOIL ENVELOPES" to see photos of how they work! Silver Foil Strips are also available there as well.

Basic Candy Wrapping Methods

~For the 1.55 oz. bars, if you want a really authentic looking candy bar you should first wrap your regular Hershey Bar still in its new brown factory sealed wrapper completely in foil just like you would a present (taping the ends down in the back). Regular aluminum foil works perfectly but you could also buy colored foil envelopes or foil tape strips through our website!

Now you will put your custom made wrapper over the foil.

Place a strip of double sided tape across the bottom edge of your wrapper on the back. Using a glue stick here will also work, but I wouldn't recommend it ( just hold it in place until it dries).

Next carefully hold up the bar and wrapper and place the front design area over the front of your candy bar, centering it.

You will fold over the top portion first, then fold the bottom around to the back. Make sure to keep the wrapper tight before you press down the tape to close! Also make sure that the bottom edge is level across the back.

You may want to practice with regular paper first or use a wrapper without tape until you get the hang of it and feel that you know how the centering works!

Have fun and call (831)578-7359 or email with any questions!

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