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Thank you for taking the time to find out a little more about Sweetly Designed!
My name is Shannan and I started Sweetly Designed in 2002.  I had my first "encounter" with a personalized candy bar wrapper in 1994 when my oldest son , J.J., was born.  The bars were given to me as a gift by my aunt. Of course, back then, they were pretty simple and done on regular blue copy paper but I thought they were the coolest thing!  Years later, I thought to myself, there has to be a nicer way to do these...with glossy paper and modern graphics programs!  And so the journey began, now with two more children, Tyson & Amaya and my teenage brother-in-law, Orlando, added to the family,...countless hours setting up templates and the neverending research that comes with this type of business began. This was my way of helping to supplement my hardworking husband's income while having the flexible hours needed with a growing family!
Although, tedious, I LOVE every minute of it.  I love to plan parties...all kinds of parties!  If it were up to me and I had an endless supply of money I'd find some reason to throw a party every weekend! :)  But since that's not possible, this is the next best thing.  I love having a small part in so many of my customers parties and events.  I love watching their children grow up in front of my eyes by doing their yearly birthday items, or annual family Christmas bars.
My main goal is to create unique and fun items completely personalized for each customer that I have.  Working together to design something to fit the theme and style of their party is the best part of this business.  Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have, I'm always here to help!
I put my whole heart into Sweetly Designed and I am thankful for each and every customer that comes my way.  Thank you to everyone who has helped keep our company alive and growing, I appreciate your business tremendously.  And to anyone new reading this...I sincerely hope to get the chance to work with you soon!!!
Have a blessed day,
Shannan :)

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